A guide to solve QuickBooks Error Code 83

QuickBooks Error 83 Code

QuickBooks is one of the significant online accounting software that serves multiple accounting purposes. QuickBooks help people in performing all accounting functions on the single platform itself. There is no need to download so many different applications for accounting if you have installed QuickBooks software in your system. It reduces the efforts and time that might be required to perform accounting functions manually as QuickBooks automates all processes like bookkeeping, online banking, payroll management, billing, invoicing and many other tasks related to the business. While using any application, you might come across several types of errors as well, but in the case of QuickBooks, your errors can be resolved at fingertips with the help of QuickBooks support phone number.


While using QuickBooks, you might need to restore, open or take a backup of the company file, but there is a possibility that you may across several types of errors while doing so. The error that gets generated while accessing company file, is termed as Error Code -6000, -83. You may face error like you are not permitted to access the specified folder and you need read or write access and delete or create rights for using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment. You are asked to contact QuickBooks support phone number for getting rid of such errors.

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You might be facing such errors or problems because of the following reasons:


  1. The problem in complete installation of QuickBooks.
  2. The storage folder of company file is damaged.
  3. The server is not allowed to access the company file.
  4. The company file might be damaged.
  5. The user logged in the system might not be authorized to access the company file.
  6. Some security software may not allow access to the QBDataServiceUserXX service on the server on which the company file is stored.
  7. When hosting gets enabled on one of the incorrect workstation and incorrect server instead of the right server.

But there is nothing to worry about as QuickBooks is well-known for it’s out of the box QuickBooks customer service. Customer care experts are present round the clock on QuickBooks to help you resolving any type of error you come across while using QuickBooks. Some of the steps are discussed in this write-up that can be helpful if the file you want to access is hosted on the Right networks.


Essential Steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 83:

  1. Go to the file location.
  2. Under file, click on the start on the bottom left.
  3. Then select computer.
  4. Choose the data drive that is “company-name-data”.
  5. Single click on the file name that encounters the error.
  • While clicking the file name, press F2 key on the keyboard for triggering the file rename.
  1. When renaming file name, make sure that no company file should have any extra extension. The file name should end with .qbw.
  2. Add some extra character to the file name and allow it to get refreshed.
  3. Then again single click the file name and press F2 key again on the keyboard.
  4. Delete the additional character you added in step b and click off the file.

If the problem persists after following these steps, then consult QuickBooks technical support to get your problem resolved by them. It might take a time to resolve the problem but QuickBooks customer service providers assure to solve your problem as earliest as possible.